At Explicit Movement, we know parents and leaders want their kids to have a healthy, biblical view of sex and relationships…and avoid damaging experiences! In order for this to happen, you need practical tools and confidence to have these tough conversations and equip them for success.

The problem is we were never prepared for this. There is so much shame and awkwardness surrounding these subjects…it’s hard for us to talk about it at church and in our homes. And time is not on our side, the pressures of life keep getting in the way.

This leaves us stressed out about our kids’ futures and paralyzed by fear.

We believe Christians–more than anybody else–should be equipped to prepare their kids to thrive in healthy sexual relationships.

And we get it–it’s tough. At Explicit, we’re parents too and know that feeling of letting our kids down. Plus, we’ve lived through sexual abuse, porn addiction, broken relationships, and the consequences of our wrong choices. We’ve been there.

But we’re also proud to have decades of combined experience working with parents, pastors, and teens. And through our partnerships with licensed therapists, educators, psychologists, and pastors, we’ve witnessed hundreds of testimonies of transformation in the lives of young people in Hawaii and across the world.

Not a moment, but a movement!

Explicit is a movement that heals and empowers youth and young adults to live out healthy relationships and sexual integrity as they discover their God-given identity.

Explicit Movement: Our Journey So Far – Radio Interview on 99.5 The Word



About Explicit Movement


explicit video link

explicit video link


EXPLICIT Movement is on a mission to support the rising generation and families to foster sexual purity and healthy relationships that glorify God and bring hope and light to the world.


The rising generation embracing purity and healthy relationships.

Our Goals

IDENTITY: We seek to help people establish their identity in Christ.


HEALING: We desire to see people healed from hurts, shame and pain by God’s power and love.


EMPOWERMENT: We seek to inspire and equip people with a Godly vision for their lives and tools to help build healthy, thriving relationships with God and others. We want to empower people to walk in God’s design of healthy sexuality. We pray that each person will have a personal encounter with the Lord, which will fuel their passion to follow Him wholeheartedly and experience a lasting transformation.

Creating a place where people will ENCOUNTER GOD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this so?


EXPLICIT Movement seeks to collaborate with the Body of Christ in a city or region so effective follow-up, ongoing relationships, leadership equipping, and local partnerships will continue to expand after any event.


What makes Explicit Movement unique from other ministries or past purity movements?


There are four unique components to the Explicit Movement:


1) We have a priority to create a safe, grace-filled environment at events where youth, young adults and parents can experience healing, encouragement, and new beginnings from pain, shame and failures.  We are about empowering people with vision and practical tools so they can be healthy emotionally, spiritually, and relationally.


2) No one church is highlighted above others, because this is a Body of Christ effort where pastors/leaders and churches partner together to impact their region for the Lord.  Core teams of pastors/leaders from various churches and denominations contribute their gifts and expertise to these events.


3) We want to see families transformed, so we value our parent component.  Parents are often at a loss for answers on how to influence their child’s heart.  We support and equip parents on how to build a positive connection with their children and how to meaningfully engage with them on topics of healthy sexuality.   We desire to see healthy, thriving marriages and families both now and in the future.


4) We seek to provide equipping for pastors and leaders to ensure effective follow up after events, and to create a place where leaders are able to connect, give support and be resources to each other.  We believe God works mightily through relationships!