The EXPLICIT Movement Story

The EXPLICIT Movement was truly birthed out of the heart of God! During the summer of 2012, Michele held a first high school youth camp for her church focused on sexual purity with about 20 youth in attendance. She felt a burden to equip the youth in the area of purity knowing the cultural pressures. Guest pastors from other churches were invited to speak, and the youth’s questions, struggles, pain and confusion were addressed in a powerful way. At this camp, Michele sensed the Holy Spirit speak to her, “Michele, get ready for something much bigger later.” She wasn’t sure what that meant, so she put that thought on the shelf. The following summer in 2013, Michele held a purity camp for her church’s jr. highers, reaching them at their maturity level.


In January 2014, Michele happened to have a conversation with a senior pastor who inquired about the purity camp she had held. As she shared testimonies, he asked her to do a similar camp for other churches. This conversation led to a discussion about the purity camp with about 15 senior pastors from various denominations in a Transformation Hawaii Ministry meeting the following month. Michele was then asked to do an island wide purity event for youth, because the pastors recognized this was a huge need in their churches as well.


Thus, the EXPLICIT adventure began. Michele had no idea how to do such a large event! She first connected with numerous youth pastors on the island, and within 3-4 weeks, 40 churches excitedly jumped on board to partner! About 50 youth pastors gathered prior to the conference to plan follow up and strategize together. A core team of youth pastors and leaders from various churches mobilized to form the event leadership team.


The first 2014 EXPLICIT Conference commenced with approximately 550 high school students and 300 parents in attendance. The speakers imparted a biblical mindset, ministered healing grace, and empowered students with spiritual vision along with a practical set of tools to walk out their purity. The healing of hearts, and mindset shifts, transformed both our youth and their parents. Many youth commented that they loved the conference because it was raw, real, and relevant.


Then, the unexpected happened. High school students who attended the 2014 Conference expressed that they wanted another high school event so they could invite all their friends from school. Pastors, Parents, and Campus Ministries urged Michele to have a Jr. High EXPLICIT event. Pastors who were passionate for young adults, urged Michele to have a Young Adults EXPLICIT event, and parents urged her to have a Parenting EXPLICIT event.


Michele was suddenly presented with proposals to do 4 events in 2015! She prayed fervently and felt the Lord speak to her heart to do all 4 events. She sensed God tell her He would lead and guide her through it all. In a heartbeat, different teams of pastors and leaders formed to head up each of the 4 events.  Fast forward to the end of 2016, and over 5000 lives were touched by the Lord through conferences and leader equipping events.


Glory to God in the highest for what He has done and continues to do!

2014 Recap of the First Event