“My name is Leeza and I attend Waianae High School. I’m also involved in the Waianae Christian Club and it (EXPLICIT Conference) is the most life changing experience that I ever had. Thank you so much for supporting our ohana.”



“I learned a lot from Explicit and actually cried probably the whole time there.  To explain what happened and what hit me the most was, at school I was being bullied for the most littlest reason I could ever think of – being 16 and and a virgin!  Boys at my school would tell me I’m not living life and that I was dumb for not experiencing sex.  The boys would throw coins around trying to see who was going to ‘hit’ me first like I was some kind of rag doll.  They would try to get me alone with them so they could try something, and when I said, “No,” they would be so mad and just not accepting that I didn’t want to do that kind of stuff!  Since I didn’t wanna do anything with them, they would call me ugly, fat, worthless, and all those words you could ever think of.  And me, being the kind of person I am, I wanted to stay their friend even though the taunting got worse and worse!  Because of them, I would go home and sit in front of the mirror for hours and keep asking myself, “What is wrong with me?  Why are they treating me like this for something I choose to do?” I even would lift up my shirt to see my stomach to see how fat I was.  I asked myself, “Why am I fat?  Maybe if I wasn’t ugly and fat….they would stop calling me these names!” I didn’t think I was pretty at all.  They also told me I looked ugly with my hair in a ponytail.  They would call me ‘Five Head,’ so I never went to school in a ponytail, because I looked ugly in it and because it would show my ‘five head.’  Every time someone would call me pretty, I would get mad at them, because I would think they were lying to me.  I would get mad at the people who were trying to make me feel better, because I didn’t believe them due to the name calling I received at school.

I didn’t expect to get a message at the Explicit Conference that would shoot me in the heart!  The mirror activity was the one that shot me.  I actually forgot which pastor it was, but he had us write down all the words on this small mirror that I thought of myself.  Of course I wrote ugly….fat…worthless…trash and all the words that could fit.  Then he had us go to a pastor – any pastor – or speaker of our choice, so they could erase the words I wrote down.  I heard him say, “You are worth more than the lies that you believe.”  I started to cry!  Then he had us go back to our seats and write down one word I heard God say to me…and that word was ‘beautiful.’  So he had us write down the word we heard on that tiny, little mirror with a sharpie permanent marker so it couldn’t erase.  I wrote down ‘beautiful.’

So every time I feel like I’m doubting myself, I’ll just grab the mirror and it will say ‘beautiful,’ with the reflection of myself!  Thank you Jesus!  That was my experience.  Thank you!


(*Because of JayJay’s healing experience with God, she had the courage the next day to go up  in front of her entire church and give this testimony to encourage others!)



“We attended the EXPLICIT Conference 2014 for the 1st time ever. For me, more strongholds were broken and more healing is now in the process. I’m so thankful we had the opportunity to attend. It definitely gave me new perspectives on why I’m worth the wait, why it’s important to love ourselves, but most important to have a relationship with Christ befoe we have a relationship with someone else. It makes me more happy to be single (forealz…lol) because SINGLENESS IS A BLESSING! It’s a time for us single men and women to seek God, to seek Jesus, to love ourselves and to really receive GOD’S BEST!”
-An attendee’s Instagram



“I learned many things from the EXPLICIT Jr. High Conference and I especially loved the message about how girls are like apples on a tree. There are apples that fall to the ground that are easy picking for guys to have sex with before marriage. I want to be one of those apples high up on the tree which represent the girls that save their purity for their future husband when the timing is right! I want to be like one of the apples where my future husband will need to have the courage to climb the tree to reach me, because I am worth the wait!”
-Tiara, Jr. High Student, age 13



Tiara’s mom: “When Tiara came home from the conference, she excitedly shared with me many things she learned for 30 minutes straight! Tiara has a number of friends in relationships. When she went to school that following week, she approached her friends and shared with them, “Let me tell you a story about what God really wants in relationships!” She was encouraging to them, but also sharing truth. It has now been about 9 months since the conference and even recently, Tiara still talks about what she learned from the conference to her friends!”

“We all have ups and downs and before the EXPLICIT conference, I was in a rut and needed out. When they opened with worship, it was phenomenal, and it set the mood so we were all in a mood to learn more and to stay pure. Each guest speaker was great! The first night was amazing. I went home filled with the Holy Spirit. My personal favorite was the founder of Porn Scar. My favorite part was when they had us write on a small mirror, the rejecting thoughts about ourselves, Afterwards, we had to find a youth leader to wipe it clean. We then prayed on what God had said we were. I left EXPLICIT feeling rejuvenated and filled with the Holy Spirit.”

-A high school student



(Regarding the journal attendees received)
“…It talked a lot about my worth and about how much God loves us, and how Jesus gave his life so that the mistakes we’ve made can’t hold us down. It sparked a truly awesome conversation between Kimo and I. It wasn’t a “what-not-to-do” book it was a “do-this-instead” book. My absolute favorite part was the discussions it lead me to with the Lord. The journal instructed me to pray about things I probably would never thought of on my own and I appreciated the personal stories in each chapter – some of them were very relatable to my life. I’m kinda sad that it’s over, but I feel a lot more knowledgeable about the kind of relationships God wants us to have.”
-A high school student



“… The entire experience not only was an answer to prayer, an encounter like no other but a confirmation of what God had been speaking to me. I kept thinking how much I would have loved that my children and grandchildren could be in attendance. In the time of prayer…the students, pastors, the parents, the entire room was being made new. Since that night, the testimony of Pastor Kainoa and the prayers spoken and those which we were led through had in the Spirit reached the homes of my family and there is healing going on and reconciliation that occurred as a suddenly! It is truly a revival of a different sort but I know it has been established and it will only continue as we continue to pray and allow God to use us to let Him blow our minds beyond what we could imagine!”
-Colleen Orozco



“One youth who had been feeling like the “benefit” in the #friendswithbenefits felt such empowerment when Marion spoke over our girls and told them that they were the Daughter of the King of Kings and should never settle for anything less.  The blessing touched her heart so much she couldn’t stop crying when she realized she didn’t have to be anyone’s “benefit.” Having attended this conference, I believe all youth and their pastors/leaders would benefit so much from attending.  It gave real examples, life testimonies and scientific proof that Satan continues to try and “hijack” how our youth view sex and relationships, but God has a much better plan.  This conference healed many, set many free and definitely taught us a whole lot that we will continue to talk about with our youth.”
-Lani DeGuzman – Youth Pastor, Hope Chapel Nanakuli



“The Explicit youth conference was both powerful and Spirit-filled. I encourage any and all youth to attend because they will learn and grow in their knowledge of God’s divine plan for their sexual purity. The speakers talked about the many issues our youth face every day in regard to dating, sex, and the influence of their peers and the media. They will come away equipped to stand firm in their resolve and to honor God with their bodies.”
-Alec Shimizu – Associate Pastor, New Hope Leeward



“My wife and I attended the parents/leaders portion of the EXPLICIT conference and found it to be very informative, even at our age, since we are great-grandparents.  The presenters were wonderful in giving specific points in communicating with children and young people about the dangers of sexual exploitation without knowledge, especially in light of the Word of God.  We also learned how to prevent the younger generation in falling into experimenting with sex outside of marriage and to keep themselves pure in the sight of God.  We believe that all parents, grand-parents, pastors and leaders should attend the next conference.”
-Jeff & Barbara Yamashita – Senior Pastors, Waianae Assembly of God



“Explicit is a powerful vehicle through whom the Lord is moving to open the gates of revival in the Hawaiian islands! Families, parents and children, are being healed and as a result, the land is being healed! Explicit is more than a conference, it’s a corporate move of God that will impact not only Hawaii but the nations as well!”
-Rob Gross – Senior Pastor, Mountain View Community Church



A Few testimonies/reflections from the 2015 Young Adults Conference:

“A senior pastor excitedly shared with me how a couple in his church, who was dating and having sex in their relationship, attended the Young Adult Conference. Because of what they learned and experienced, after the conference, they decided to stop having sex and decide whether they were going to move towards marriage or break up. This pastor was so excited, as was I, to see God work this miracle in their lives and how transformation took place and how mindsets and values were shifted towards God’s design of healthy relationships!”
-Pastor Michele Okimura



“I LOVE the fact that the sessions helped me to find my identity and worth in Christ. With the workshops, it opened my eyes to my relationship and how to better and strengthen it in Christ with Him being the center. AMAZING topics – LOVE THEM ALL!”



“We really went deep and sessions explained the reasoning and WHY, which is what I think is so important. I love it so much! So much knowledge and healing!”



“So real, authentic, genuine and passionate! Amazing!”



“I like that the sessions were relatable and fun, but also deep and impactful. Beyond blessed to be here! …The sessions and workshops were amazing because they answered all the questions I came with. A lot of good material that the church doesn’t talk about enough. Love EVERYTHING!”



“I enjoyed how raw and honest the speakers were. As they shared and taught unashamedly, it created a safe environment for us to be vulnerable and honest about where we are in our life and the things we are going through – excellent conference.”