Build Self Assurance and Prevent Victimization

We need your help! Help make this a reality! Partner with us in launching Brave ad Beautiful, a digital magazine with wisdom and encouragement for teen girls to:


We understand the uncertainty that many teen girls feel.

That’s why we developed the Brave and Beautiful digital magazine.  We help young girls bolster and celebrate their God-given identity and gain awareness about predatory vulnerability so they can grow safely into strong, healthy women. 

A powerful tool for teen girls and adults to share!

  • Victimization is happening all around us and to teen girls we know –  we just don’t see it.
  • We’ve helped hundreds of unknowing parents and mentors realize the ever-present dangers young girls face as vulnerable targets of abuse and trafficking. 
  • Sharing this information with teen girls raises awareness and help keep them safe. We firmly believe this will save lives.

“If I had read this when I was 15, this would have saved my life, and I wouldn’t have been coerced so easily into sex trafficking.”

– a 20-year-old survivor

Essential reading for everyone —
the wellbeing of every girl depends on it

Help provide critical support that teen girls need to become strong, healthy women.

We already have over 10 influential anti-sex trafficking leaders in various countries globally who are wanting to translate and distribute this to the teen girls in their country! Together, let’s make a difference locally, nationally, and globally and save lives – it could be the lives of the teen girls in your life right now.