Bryan Sands

Origin Workshop

How to Talk to Your Youth About Sexual Faithfulness by P Bryan Sands: (for youth pastors and leaders)

In this workshop, Pastor Sands, will share years of experience and research from his book, Everyone Loves Sex: So Why Wait?, about how to connect with this up-and-coming generation about a topic that is often overlooked in church. If sex is a gift from God, then how can we celebrate it in its proper context in a healthy way? Come and learn real ways that work in discussing this sometimes-awkward topic.

The ultimate goal is you will leave this workshop empowered and inspired with the tools you need to talk with this generation about God’s design for sex. The reality is the old way of talking about waiting for sex for marriage is not working, let’s put our energy into what does work.


Bryan A. Sands is a veteran of working with not only students but all generations for twenty years in the public school system, church and university worlds. He has a passion for people and helping them make wise choices with their lives. Bryan was ordained into the Christian ministry at the age of 21.Before coming to Hawaii to serve as Lead Pastor at Kaimuki Christian Church, Bryan was the Campus Pastor at Hope International University.

Bryan also has a passion for missions. Under his leadership, nearly half of the university students he works with were involved with some form of missions last year. Because of his leadership, Hope International University received the honor of being recognized by the President of the United States’ Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll program for four years. This award is the highest federal recognition for the commitment of higher education institutions to service learning and civic engagement.

His book, Everyone loves Sex So Why Wait? The tagline is “A Discussion in Sexual Faithfulness” (Leafwood Publishers, April 2017) was release in Australia and the States. This book takes a different approach to waiting for sex for marriage. After working with millennials for many years, Bryan has discovered what works and what does not work in talking about sex. The first section of the book looks at academic peer-reviewed research from the psychological and sociological worlds. And what they are communicating about waiting for marriage…just might surprise you! The second part of the book looks at vision—vision of what the reader’s life can be. It is a book that re-frames how we as Christians talk about sex.
Having an interest in how to quantify spiritual development, Bryan has teamed up with Dr. Moradashadi, PhD to create a series of videos and curriculum to assess spiritual development. Instead of asking the questions, “How much do you read your Bible” or “How much do you go to church” to assess Spiritual development, Professors Sands and Moradashadi have looked underneath the surface. Using Dr. Moradashadi’s Spiritual Narrative Questionnaire and the Spiritual Narrative Analysis, they were able to look beyond surface level questions to get to a robust understanding of where one is with their faith.
You can follow Bryan on social media @bryanAsands and see more about his book at Kaimuki Christian Church’s website is

Bryan and his Australian wife, Caz, have three daughters, Abby, Lily-Rose and Hananiah, and live in Honolulu Hawaii.