Bunny Correa

Heart to Heart Parent Workshop

Connecting Heart to Heart by Bunny Correa

Did you know parents are the most influential people in their children’s lives? Whether we believe it or not, our children watch, listen and learn from us. Our children struggle with everything we’ve ever struggled with except on a whole different level. We’ve often heard it said, “there is no manual for parenting” but that’s incorrect. God maps out everything we need right there in His Word; we just need to discover it, apply it and live it. If our goal is to raise godly children, then we must start by going to the source of our strength…God himself. It’s never too late to pour into your child’s life regardless of how old or young they might be. You have been chosen, nobody else, to be the parent…God chose you and God doesn’t make mistakes.


Pastor Bunny serves as the Evangelism Team Director at New Hope Hilo and is also the Hawaii Next Gen Coordinator for the Mid Pacific District of Foursquare Church. She is married to husband Holi for nearly 30 years. They have three children, Isaiah, 25, ‘Ailana 22, and Ethan,16. Bunny loves spending time with her granddaughter Sophia-Grace and looks forward to welcoming another grand baby this summer. She also enjoys taking hikes, hanging out with friends, going on adventures, reading and spending time with the Next Generation. I am bit of a purple freak and I simply love what I get to do for the kingdom of God. Grateful and Blessed.