Dave Willweber

Origin Workshop

God’s Design for Joyous Sex by Dave Willweber

God has a beautiful design for sex and sexuality – He created it! Learn ways to communicate the healthy positive ‘God vision’ for sex within marriage to your youth in a way that explains the compelling WHYS behind the WAIT till marriage!

Heart to Heart Parent Workshop

God’s Design for Joyous Sex by Dave Willweber

So what was God thinking when He created sex? We will take a walk through the Biblical foundations for sex & healthy relationships. Dave will share how sex is like a diamond, a multi-faceted & beautiful gift from the Lord meant to bless us positively while pointing back to Him in deeply profound ways. Through the cross & the forgiveness & healing found there, Dave believes that the Lord is inviting us back to the garden of Eden to experience His beautiful gift within the context of Biblical marriage.


Dave is husband to Marie since 1994 and father of three children.  Dave is the presenter/Vice President of P.E.A.C.E. (Public Education Advocates for Christian Equity) Global-Hawai’i.  He is pastor of Mauka Makai Ministries Windward and an installer of windows.  Dave’s passion is to promote committed marriages, loving families, blessed generations, and strong nations.  Dave has a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education, with majors in Theology and Sociology, and a master’s degree in Family Life Ministry.  Dave enjoys family, sports, laughter, coffee with lots of cream, the Islands, and connecting with people.