Dean Kaneshiro

Origin Workshop

#healthyTECH:Secrets to Navigating Your Kids Through the Dangers of Social Media, Screen Time, Porn & Video Games Without Having to Become an Expert by Dean Kaneshiro

I’m committed to engaging with my kids about all of these issues…but HOW DO I DO IT? In this session you’ll receive: 1) Clear understanding about WHY entertainment tech can sabotage your child’s success. 2) Practical resources and tools you can use today to protect and equip your kids. 3) Keys to building a heart-to-heart relationship with your child that empowers them for the rest of their lives


Dean Kaneshiro is a Thought Leader, Blogger and Speaker who has been working in the area of parenting, relationships and sexuality for more than 15 years. His blog ( has addressed many of these issues and he is currently working on books and online video courses to equip parents with powerful tools to help them succeed. He has been married to Holly for over 21 years and has six kiddos, including late teens, tweens, twins, and a beautiful adopted girl.