Edward Sariol

Origin Workshop

Navigating Through LGBTQ Issues and How to Reach Out to Your Gay and Lesbian Friends in Grace and Truth by John Allison, Edward Sariol and Brittany Masai

Culture sends us a lot of messages about sexuality, but how do we know what’s true? Views and opinions are constantly changing, but God never changes and as God’s Word, the Bible, is always true. Speaking from testimony and scripture, we will explore the truth about homosexuality and gender. We will learn what the Bible says about loving our gay friends, experiencing the grace available to all of us, and embracing the reality of self-denial for all believers.

Heart to Heart Parent Workshop

Loving in Grace and Truth: Dialoguing with Your Teen About LGBT Issues
by John Allison, Edward Sariol and Brittany Masai

Our teens are bombarded regularly with confusing beliefs about LGBT issues through their school experiences/curriculum, social media, media and entertainment. Learn practical ways of approaching these issues with grace and truth that will help you to dialogue effectively with your teen and impart godly perspectives. John will give you a great starting point and build helpful foundational perspectives. This session will also help parents whose teenager is personally struggling with questions of their sexuality or gender. 


Born and raised on the Big Island, Eddie took his first Living Waters class in 2005 because of his own internal struggle to reconcile his same-sex feelings with his faith. After receiving much healing from the Lord and years of being trained under his mentor Kristi Foth, he later moved to Honolulu as a church planter with Solid Rock Ministries.  There he became certified as a Living Waters Coordinator and founded a ministry called “The Gathering 808”.  He also partners alongside another mentor named, Floyd Shaw of “Choices” ministry in Palo Alto, CA. His team consists of people from different churches and crosses denominations to serve others who are struggling in the area of broken sexuality and relationships.  He aspires to help people find complete wholeness through a relationship with Jesus and the church community!