Explicit Young Adults Conference March 2020

Have you ever seen a fun, healthy, God-centered relationship?

Many young adults struggle to navigate romantic relationships and avoid damaging experiences like heartbreak, regret and abuse. At this conference we will engage in relevant conversations to empower you to walk in healthy relationships with sexual integrity and prepare you for thriving relationship in God’s timing and design.

Friday, March 6
After Party 9:00pm-10:30pm

Saturday, March 7
9:00am-2:30pm AND 8:00pm-10:30pm

Christ Centered Community Church (C4)
4211 Waialae Ave. Suite 1030
Kahala Mall above California Pizza Kitchen



$49 Early Bird (by Feb 24)
$59 Pre-register (by March 4)
$79 At the Door

*Includes FREE 21-Day Interactive Journal AND Friday Night AFTERPARTY!!!


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Workshops Session 1
(Saturday,1:00pm – 1:45pm) 

Want to Have the Best Sex?
By Dave Willweber

No, really! Wouldn’t you want to know how to have the most fulfilling, most rewarding, best, safest, mutually satisfying sex? Then this is the right session for you. God, as the Author of sex, has the most complete view & design for sex especially when contrasting the many counterfeits perpetuated today. This workshop is foundational to understanding the revelational WHYS behind God’s Design! – a must for every believer!

Lifting up the Anti-Sex Trafficking Cause
by Shantae Williams

Our culture has become increasingly aware of sex trafficking in recent years, but how does this issue affect you and our Hawaii?  This issue touches close to home more than many of us realize!  A growing number of local young adults, teens, and children are being sex trafficked through tactics of recruiters and traffickers both in person and online.  Victims could be your neighbor, relative, friend, classmate, or even a fellow church member.  Be informed and equipped on how you can make a difference!

Good Game: Encouraging Insights For Those Who Desire To Date
by Marion Logan, Mark and Jalee Palompo

This session has been developed for those currently not in a dating relationship but desire to be in a good one. Marion Logan and Mark & Jaylee Palompo team up to provide helpful direction for singles to enhance their dating life by contrasting ‘good game’ and ‘bad game.’

Breaking Up Instead of Breaking Down
by Charis Logan

A breakup is one of the most difficult things to go through in life. Even the best breakup is horribly painful and the arrays of emotions that come with it are unpredictable and complex. Whether you are going through a breakup, looking for “closure”, or would like to know how to minister to someone going through one, Pastor Charis will share her personal insights, experiences, and tips for going through this tumultuous season with grace and strength.

Breaking the Silence on Sexual Abuse:
The Impact and Pathways for Healing
By Vicky Wong and Chris Yanuaria

We all have been impacted by this trauma in some way – either we have been a victim ourselves, or we know someone who has been a victim. We will break the silence on this topic, equip you on where victims can start the healing process and share practical ways to help those who have experienced sexual trauma.

Workshop Sessions 2
(Saturday, 8:15pm -9:00pm)

By Tiffa Garza

Throughout history we have seen women who have responded to God’s call in many different ways. What is “God’s call”? How have you responded to God? Do you know what He’s asking of you? During this breakout session may we discover our God-given design and embrace the strength, the emotions, the femininity, the beauty, the honor, and the authority being daughters of the King of all kings. There’s an amazingly unique design on us ladies, we bear the very image of our CREATOR! Get ready to laugh and to cry during this sister session!

by Chad Reis 

What does it mean to be a man? More importantly, what does it mean to be a son of the Father? Our society has massively skewed the idea of masculinity and reduced it down to lifted trucks, eating meat, and chasing chicks. In this session we will dive into God’s design and specific calling for you as a son of the Father.

Spilling the LGBTea
by Edward Sariol, John Allison, Brittany Masai and Joshua Kaina

Come and hear powerful testimonies of God’s redemption from people who’ve struggled with sexual brokenness. Learn about biblical sexuality, gender, relationships, and how to share God’s Love without compromise.

Navigating Through Dating (for couples in a relationship)
by Marion and Charis Logan

This session is designed for those who are in a dating relationship or moving toward engagement. Charis and Marion Logan have fun discussing the difficulties of dating utilizing scripture, their personal story, and stories from others. Those who are dating are given insight about how they can navigate through the whirlwind of emotion and conflict. Those who are in love will be encouraged to look at engagement with hope and anticipation.

True Love Dates
by a panel hosted by Andrew Yasuhara

If you have grown up in church, then you probably have heard the term True Love Waits. Although this theme came with good intentions, it didn’t provide guidance on how to find your spouse in a safe, healthy, and godly way. True Love Dates dispels the myth that you are going to ‘magically’ be ready to find the right one for you. This workshop will give you practical tips on how to be the right person in order to find the right person. Join our panel with Pastor Joshua and Kim Ko, youth pastors at First Assembly of God, and Derek and Danielle Devine, our keynote speakers.


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Derek and Danielle Devine The Father’s House Church
Marion and Charis Logan MGMC
Bryan Sands Kaimuki Christian Church
Pastor Dave Willweber Mauka Makai Ministries Windward, PEACE Hawaii
Vicky Wong Calvary Assembly of God
Christopher Yanuaria Speaker
Chad Reis Christ Centered Community Church (C4)
Alex Michel New Hope Town
John Allison Baptist Collegiate Ministries Oahu
Edward Sariol The Gathering 808, Anchor International
Brittany Masai Sariol Explicit Force Mentor
Karla Sumner
Andrew Yasuhara First Assembly of God
Brandon Ahu (MC) Metro Christian Church
Joshua and Kim Ko First Assembly of God
Mark and Jalee Palompo New Hope Central
Scott and Mikela Kobayashi MGMC
Shantae Williams Psy.D
Tiffa Garza C4
Tisha Lehfeldt (MC) Mountain View Community Church