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After hearing of the EXPLICIT Movement in Hawaii, four countries so far have invited our team to help start the EXPLICIT Movement in their region. As a result, there is current communication with parties in the Philippines, Thailand, and Canada. In May 2016, our team will be partnering with churches in Singapore to launch EXPLICIT’s first international conference, ‘EXPLICIT Singapore’!

We look forward to sharing with you a recap of EXPLICIT Singapore after this event!

Upcoming Events

Transform Youth Toronto

Ready to transform Toronto’s youth?


The Explicit movement helps to heal, empower and train youth and young adults to embrace purity and live out healthy relationships as they discover their God-given identity. Youth and young adults around the world are hurting with insecurity about their identity and confused when it comes to sex and relationships, their struggle is intensified by distorted views of sexuality promoted by the media, school curriculums and the entertainment industry that reject God’s design for sex to be a beautiful gift reserved for marriage between one man and one woman. Hawaii, Philippines, and Singapore experienced the movement and Toronto is next.

We’ll be honored to have you as our guest at our first breakfast session in Toronto. You’ll learn about the movement, and the way you will become a key element to transform the new generation in Toronto.

WHERE: 69 Long Branch Ave. Toronto  (New Arising Church)

WHEN: March 21 2017

TIME: 9:30am

Singapore 2018

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Photo Credit- “Singapore” by Robert Haandrikman is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Baguio, Philippines 2018

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Philippines June 2016


Explicit Philippines!

  • Manila Conference:  June 24-25
  • La Trinidad/Baguio Conference:  June 28-29

Conference Summary:

Our Explicit Team, Eddie Sariol from The Gathering 808 and Joshua De Gracia from Know God Know Love, ministered powerfully to over 1200 youth, parents and pastors in Manila and Baguio Cities.  We were part of a larger crusade, so Philippines just got an introduction to our Explicit Movement, however the Lord showed us that so many there are hungry to learn about healthy sexuality and for healing.  We look forward to MORE!  We thank the Lord for His great faithfulness and we continue to pray for our brothers and sisters there!

Photos from the Conference:

Explicit Conference Singapore

May 27-28, 2016

We celebrate and rejoice because of the numerous lives – youths, parents and youth leaders – that were touched and healed by God’s power and love at our first international conference in Singapore! The Explicit speaker team each ministered so powerfully with God’s heart bringing revelation and light to subjects often avoided – each message so real and relevant to the receivers! God knit our hearts together with the people of Singapore and many thanks to Scripture Union and the over 40 churches who partnered with us!

We look forward to sharing with you a recap of EXPLICIT Singapore after this event!

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Testimonies From Singapore:

Last night’s session really changed my perspective on life. I felt the power of healing, God’s presence and His love for me. I used to think I was a failure and not important. But after yesterday’s session, I finally believe I have value. -Youth Attendee

I came without much of an expectancy because I was tired of God. At the session where I had to write down how we view ourselves on the mirror, mine was just filled with negativity…all I knew was that I was crying my heart out because I felt God telling me He loves me and that I am beautiful. Even though I still struggle with not believing, God is still there telling me He loves me! – Youth Attendee

The healing session on the first night really impacted me, as it made me reflect on the lies I have believed. It helped me overcome my insecurity and reminded me on how God loves me. It was a LIFE CHANGING experience for me and helped me deal with some issues that put a lot of weight on me. – Youth Attendee

It made me OPEN UP to people I’m not close to and made me realize how much God loves each one of us. This event also taught me not to give into temptations easily, with the enemy trying to make us feel isolated. I also learned how to be more confident about my body and how I think. –Youth Attendee

I have learned to OPEN UP my heart and allow God to heal my heart. –Youth Attendee

It has freed my burden of shame and unworthiness and helped me to embrace my identity as a Child of God. – Youth Leader

I am thankful for how REAL the sharings were – especially on porn, masturbation and homosexuality – how the struggles can go on for years. For revealing to me how I need to dig deeper to WHY I struggle with those 3 things, which I personally struggle with. Thank you for being the mouth pieces of God, speaking so much life and truth to us! Really encouraging me as to how I can help others with my own testimony. –Youth Leader

This conference reminded me there is no limit to how much brokenness God can handle. It encouraged me to live rightly for God again. Sense of renewal! – Youth Leader

It helped me open up to more topics like this and understand how much impact it has on the future generation. I too struggle with things like porn and sexual desire and always found it hard to share or encourage others with my journey. I am now willing to be more open and seek to minister to others. I want to recommend this conference to my church’s youth, youth leaders, young adults and parents too! –Young Adult Attendee

Very powerfully presented with good metaphors and key take aways and learnings. Dr. Chloe really knows how to present the touch points facing parents today in a modern society – Parent Attendee

…the points to build a closer relationship with my child were really constructive and I look forward to applying it. Hopefully it will help me ‘undo’ the mistakes I made in the past and through prayer to help me change so I can help my child. – Parent Attendee

…Prompted me to reflect on MY VIEW of sex and deal with the sexual relationship in my marriage. –Parent Attendee

It was a great message and helped me to understand how to talk to my children on sex, and most importantly unconditional love, care, and support for your children no matter how they mess up. Thank you for organizing this event! Thank God! – Parent Attendee