Listen: Sex Trafficking In Hawaii – Awareness & Prevention

Did you know…

-Youth in elementary, middle and high schools on Oahu – even those from private schools are being affected by sex-trafficking?
-Youth from loving Christian families are being coerced and trapped in sex-trafficking?
-Churches are targeted by sex-traffickers because youth in churches tend to be more naive and trusting?
-Recruiters are often fellow classmates who gain the trust of girls before trapping them with fear and control?

Slavery has not been abolished – it just has a new name:
Human Trafficking.

Last year, Explicit Movement brought in experts in the field who spent two days equipping nearly 500 parents, educators, community and church leaders on this shockingly prevelant crime. We learned that sex-trafficking has touched every community in Hawai’i.

It’s time to take our islands back! Get equipped today –


You can listen to recordings of this event and get practical help to take action and do your part!