Derek and Danielle Devine

The Father’s House Church

Derek and Danielle Devine live and minister in Oroville, California, at The Father’s House Church. They have seen God move through their ministry, as the area where they are located, has been transformed by the love of Jesus. South Side, once the gateway of methamphetamine in California, is now the birthplace of a radical discipleship movement.

Derek was a standout quarterback and played football in the NFL after playing college football at Marshall University. Through his career in professional football, Derek learned about discipleship and living for Jesus amid incredible temptation. He now pastors and young adults and teens through a sports camp and workout center. Derek also has a lot of experience in helping individuals overcome all forms of addiction.

Danielle was a star basketball player that earned many accolades in her own right. She received a full-ride scholarship to Arizona State University, where she completed her master’s degree in education. Today, Danielle has helped launch many non-profit businesses and community development projects. She recently published her first book, A Line in the Sand, dealing with some of the big issues in modern Christian discipleship.

Derek and Danielle have three children, Dominica, Dallas, and DJ.