Dr. Garrett Halweg

Psychiatrist, MD

Dr. Halweg is a Psychiatrist working in the field of Neuro-Medicine in downtown Honolulu. In 2003 he was the Chief Resident at University of Hawaii Queen's Medical Center. He began his career working in the California Prisons, working in 9 different facilities including the examination of death row inmates. He later worked in research as a medical monitor overseeing the development of new medications. For 10 years, until 2017, he worked in functional neuro-imaging learning correlations of mental states and physical states of the brain.

In 2013, while swimming in Maunawili falls he contracted Leptospirosis which turned into Weil's disease and multi-system organ failure. He was placed on a ventilator and in a coma for 6 days during which time he had a near death experience. When he awoke he was overwhelmed with the news his girlfriend, who refused to talk about spiritual matters, was given his diagnosis, in her words, ‘by the Holy Spirit’, and convinced the doctors of the diagnosis. Because of this encounter with God, she accepted Christ and was baptized. They were married the following year.

He now teaches patients in Hawaii and internationally about how to optimize their brain function and learn how behaviors are influenced from different states of our mind. Dr. Halweg's passion is to see others grow in a relationship with Jesus through the restoring work of the Holy Spirit.