Parent Conference Attendee Testimonies

Explicit SoCal Conference

“So thankful for the work of this ministry to disband the shame stronghold and to provide space and resources for conversations among generations and peers on sexuality, healing, and following Jesus even after failure.” - parent attendee

“You were able to articulate the thoughts and feelings I’ve had. It is an extremely difficult culture to parent in. I feel like we are pioneer parents of this digital-reliant age. I am weary, but you have offered me hope and information. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” - parent attendee

“I will share info with my family because I care about the next generation being found secure in Christ and being future leaders and bearers of life to the world. Please come back again! This is so needed!” - parent attendee

“Opened my eyes to the dangers our youth face and to approach and talk about it with them openly. Revealed my shame to heal.” -parent attendee

“I felt that I am better equipped to discuss difficult topics with my children (not just sex) and am encouraged by the testimonies of the speakers that “we are not alone” in our struggles to raise children who will value Godly values.” -parent attendee

“Many tools for connecting with our teens and understanding them better, deeper guidance and spiritual direction for navigating teen issues.” - parent attendee