Youth Conference Attendee Testimonies

Explicit SoCal Conference

“This event has changed my life for the better. In the two days I was here, I feel more connected to God than I have felt in a long time. I was so moved by every speaker and how intimate each session felt. I literally felt like I was in a room with just me, God and the speaker. I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to come mainly because I didn’t know what to expect. This conference has far surpassed my expectations and is leaving me hungry for an intimate and deeper relationship with God. Attending Explicit and hearing all of the testimonies and messages is exactly what I need to hear for my own life. God is so good and places things in your life at the perfect times. The staff made me feel like I was with family right from the start. So, thank you, Explicit for such a moving weekend and helping me to reconnect with God.” -youth attendee

“I didn’t realize how much I’m not alone in my struggles and sins. I’ve been struggling with lust, pornography, masturbation for years and from that, I felt so much shame and only shared this struggle with my mentor. This conference is NEEDED for every high school student. It explicitly talks about many topics that are perceived as bad or shameful - so no one talks about it. Coming today, has allowed me to start this process of repentance and healing.” - youth attendee

“I had double booked this weekend and in the end, I ended up choosing Explicit over Six Flags. I knew that this conference would be so, so worth it and I had a feeling that it would change my life. It most definitely did, and every single speaker and their messages were so inspirational and hopeful. Learning about the real, worldly issues that are “taboo” or “too inappropriate” was so eye-opening for me. I would definitely go to an Explicit conference every year because unlike other messages I’ve heard in the past, these motivate me to actually change my life and live for Christ.” - youth attendee

“For a while, I’ve been building this wall, this tall thick wall that held back emotions and feelings and blinded me from the truth; that I had become so far from Christ. Every message, testimony I heard was a huge boulder that God used to knock down that wall. I can see clearly now.” - youth attendee

“Having to hide my life, my secretive life, put a burden on me that was so hard to carry. I had shared with a few trusted people, but no breakthrough had come. I started to feel like I would never be able to “get better.” It felt hopeless to even try. But through Explicit, God gave me one thing, hope. Hope for a future free from sin, I believe God is going to change me. My problems and sin addictions can and will end with His help.” - youth Attendee

“Further opened my eyes to mreo “real-life” events and “real-life” problems. It showed me boundaries, it showed me I wasn’t alone, it taught me how to say “no”, it encouraged me to rebuild my foundations in life, and my heart was broken and filled with God’s love.” - youth attendee

“I was struggling and now I am free.” - youth attendee

“This conference was a much needed reminder that God is there. In life, you will go through hard times and forget that God is there. Life will throw its worst, causing you to lose faith. That is why conferences like Explicit exist. These types of conferences are really needed to help you through the messy hard phases of life and help you answer a few questions about life to/from a biblical point of view.” - youth attendee

“It has totally shaken me. I used to be putting God on the back burner and ignoring his laws and grace, but I am going to let him change my life and given him control.” - youth attendee

“For the past few months, I have been struggling my body and couldn’t accept the way I looked. All of my friends are super skinny and fit and I felt sad and just a disappointment. But coming to this conference, I’ve been able to break through and overcome the fear of rejection and not being accepted.” - youth attendee